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Baking Products

Empire Packaging provides quality, corrugated baking products including Bake-In Trays, Baking Pads, Pizza Boxes, Deli Boxes and Baking Liners. Our baking products are safe for direct contact with all food types and AIB certified.

Our baking products have a temperature threshold of about 400°. Depending on the product, they utilize liners for high temperature resistance or non-stick capabilities.

Our design team can assist you in creating branded, customized baking products to showcase your food items. We have a wide range of cutting and printing capabilities to meet your specifications. However, baking products that go into an oven are limited to direct print. Throughout the assembly process we strip the excess material so there is no dust or nicks to tear apart at your facility.

Bake-In Trays

Having one container that you can bake, pack, and ship your product in saves you the extra steps and labor costs associated with switching containers. Our Bake-in trays provide reliability and ease of use that result in high-volume productivity and profitability. We have the ability to custom make a tray to the size you need to fit your food items.

Baking Pads

Our corrugated baking pads allow you to bake your product and move them directly into a shipping container for delivery. Their sturdy construction ensures that even the heaviest and most cumbersome items can be supported and carried.

Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are an industry standard and we able to accommodate custom order quantities from 250 up to 10,000. Our corrugated pizza boxes are constructed to keep product at temperature longer and supported. We can help you customize your pizza boxes to create that perfect look for your brand.

Deli Box

All of our corrugated deli boxes are insulated to keep the food cold/hot for your customers. We can add special liners to increase the thermal resistance of the carton making ice-chests and hot-boxes less necessary. These types of liners reduce the need for bulky, heavy insulated boxes. Our deli boxes can reduce overall costs for your company and present a quality product to your customer.

Corrugated Liners

Our corrugated liners are designed to protect your product from bleeding grease. We use a wax coated liner or a special liner that will resist bleeding from grease while preserving the freshness of your product. These boards will not bleed, so your cakes look as fresh after three days as they did on the first day.