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Packaging & Displays

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Beverage Packaging & Boxes

Carrying Case

Carrying Cases are the standard type of box for glass bottles. With corrugated dividers built into the carrier, this greatly reduces damage while in transit. Carrying case containers are ideal for 4, 6, or 8 packs.

Corrugated packaging has a much higher strength when compared to standard chipboard. Corrugated carriers can carry a wider range of bottles up to 22 oz. Carrying cases are generally used for beer but can also be used to package high-quality sodas. When these types of boxes are placed in stores they give you a large area to show off your product.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are branded packaging to get bulk product into stores. When in transit, corrugated dividers will protect the product to ensure it reaches its destination with no damage. Once the product reaches the retailer they can be stacked to create a unique, eye-catching display.

Retailers are more inclined to stack your boxes in the aisle if they have high quality artwork. These types of displays translate into free publicity and marketing in the retail environment. This type of box is used to ship any product that comes in a glass bottle and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

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In a crowded retail environment you need a display that will stand out. Visual merchandising is a key factor to ensuring your product is well received and deliver a cohesive message. Displays will help you showcase your product and separate you from the competition.

Case Displays

Case displays use the shipping box as a form of advertising. This type of display is considered an addition to the shipping case. These displays can be a cost effective way to promote products or highlight promotions.

Dump Bin

Corrugated dump bins are a great way to handle a large amount of individual products in retail locations. Dump bins contain large amounts of product in an eye-catching, custom display that will attract customers to your products.

Standing Display

A standing display is the most traditional display and work well in an environment where space is limited. There is less room for product than a dump bin or case display, but maintain a premium look that is passed on to the customer. By bringing the product to a customer’s level the likelihood of purchase is increased.

Custom Boxes

Our creative department can create anything you can imagine out of corrugated material. We treat corrugated like our canvas bringing your artwork to life. Whether it is for a promotion or a full-time product, we can package your products with an attractive, professional design.

High-Graphic Bottle Box (Litho Label)

High graphic boxes are printed using offset printing methods, meaning you can print anything you like on them. These boxes can be used to attract customers by telling a story or to solidify the image and brand of your product. High graphic boxes are typically used in premium product packaging and will help your product stand out.

Design/Project Services

Empire has a dedicated design team that can help create an eye catching display that will promote your product and increase sales.

With Empire you will have a dedicated project manager to help you with all of your packaging and display needs. We will do everything to ensure your next project exceeds your expectations.