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Blister Packs

Blister pack packaging provides many advantages over standard plastic clamshell packaging. Blister Packaging uses cold seal technology that is easier on the environment and provides cost savings of between 20-40%. Blister packs provide more  high graphic billboard space giving you more room to attract consumers to your product as well as promoting your brand.

Blister packs are a more sustainable solution to plastic clamshells without sacrificing cost, performance or aesthetics. With less plastic and less energy used blister packs can offer great cost savings over traditional plastic clamshell packages.Everything used in these are reusable and because the plastic is not glued directly to the corrugated recycling is much simpler. This type of packaging reduces the constraints on our landfills by removing non-recycled plastic from the waste stream.

Blister packs offer many advantages over traditional plastic clamshell packaging, without sacrificing performance. There are many security aspects related to this type of packaging, due to the large size of the packaging relative to the value of the product. This packaging application passes the theft prevention requirements of the worlds largest retailers, while providing more high visibility billboard space, and showcasing your product. With a larger space to advertise your products without sacrificing security or quality of packaging, this is a great option for many products.  There are many advantages to using Blister Packs over traditional packaging, contact us to find out more.