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Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Over 90 percent of all consumer goods in most developed countries are shipped in corrugated boxes. These boxes can be used for everything from fruits to household appliances. By changing the design of a corrugated box, combining layers of corrugated or adding interior packaging, a customized package can be manufactured to efficiently ship and store almost any products. We make hundreds of styles of corrugated packaging containers. Below are examples of these box styles.


Regular Slotted Container Regular Slotted Container. This is the most common style container. The flaps meet in the center and can be taped, glued or stapled to close. As in all containers, the bursting test of the corrugated board can be calibrated to carry and protect the size and weight of the contents.
 fpf Five Panel Folder. Scored and slotted with a fifth panel used as the closing flap at the packing line. Box has no manufacturer’s joint. Usually used for longer flat products. FOL flaps provide excellent puncture resistance and stacking strength when layed flat.
 fol Full-Overlap Slotted Container. Slotted box with flaps that reach the opposite side of the length panels.
Provides superior strength to the flap area. Good for heavy objects and rough handling. When laying flat on the largest panel the flaps provide excellent stacking strength.
 slb Snap-lock Bottom – Regular Slotted Container Top. Regular flaps on top for normal closure. Die cut flaps on bottom afford quick set-up on assembly line. Good for lighter weight products.
 csbc Center Support Bridge Container. Regular slotted flaps on top and bottom for normal closure. Has added panel in center of box for stacking strength. Added panel will also provide two separate compartments.
 cttop Center Tuck Top and Bottom Container. Extra long flaps with additional scores, and added slots in the width panel flaps provide a one-piece box that can form up to six cells or partitions. With an additional pad a two-layer cell box can now form up to 12 cells.
 hsc Half Slotted Container. Window cut in any panel can provide excellent visual access to the product inside at point – of – purchase.
Variations can provide self-shipper displays for counters or for pallet oriented distribution of consumer goods. Suitable for display of products at club warehouses and mass merchandisers.