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Corrugated Folding Desk

A large problem with education in poorer countries is the lack of supplies. This desk made out of corrugated paper costs as little at $0.20 and makes a world of difference to the children that have access to them. When in the classroom these desks prevent injury to children’s backs because they are able to sit more comfortably. When the students are finished with the day the desk folds down into a backpack to transport their school materials home.

This type of simple solution uses renewable and inexpensive products and will help children in many less fortunate countries do much better in school while giving them the chance to study at home. Giving students every opportunity to succeed is a key factor in the success of our global economy.

Empire recognizes innovators and supports those who take care of the less fortunate. To learn more about this tool click on the links below.

This backpack made out of corrugated. This box helps students in many ways. Corrugated desk helps students. Corrugated desk helps children in school.