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Direct Print

Direct printing has been the industry standard as it is the simplest and most commonly used process to produce print on corrugated materials. During the direct printing process ink is applied directly to the corrugated substrate via a printing plate. Direct printing uses printers placed in line with the cutting dies, allowing additional print to become a simple addition to the process.

Empire Packaging has an in-house Ink Kitchen allowing us to create or match any color of print on site. Our machines can print up to 4 colors per pass. With multiple passes we can print any number of colors onto the corrugated surface.

The direct print methods used to create printing plates create durable printing surfaces that will last a very long time. This means that a product can be run multiple times per year without having to order new plates or worry about the print being different. This is the most efficient printing process when it comes to printing simpler designs and logos.

Empire Packaging has over 60 years of experience with multiple printing technologies and can create a solution that will exceed your expectations for your next project. Contact us to see which printing method would be best for your next project.

Direct Print Date Carton - Empire Packaging
Direct Print Tomato Bin - Empire Packaging