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Empire visited by Corrugated Week


Lithographic laminator, Corrugated week.

Empire was visited by participants of TAPPI/AICC Corrugated Week on Wednesday 10/01/2014. We had about 75 people tour our plant in order to show improvements at our facility that have helped us become a viable supplier of packaging and displays. Corrugated week is a comprehensive event that gathers together leaders and decision makers in the corrugated industry from all over the U.S. Empire is honored to have everybody tour our facility. This years theme is “Building leadership through advancing technology” and Empire is a great example of this.

Over the last 7 years we have made great strides at improving our processes to create an efficient and collaborative environment. We have made a large number of improvements throughout our facility that have helped Empire become a leading provider of innovative packaging and displays. Advanced technology, however, has not been the only reason for our improvements. People have been the driving force behind our change it is not everything. Changing the culture of our company has been a key factor in making Empire what it is today. Without our people helping us along the way we would not be where we are today. People are the driving force in any company and at Empire we appreciate each and every employee. We have made great strides to turn our company into the benchmark for facilities in our industry and it is in large part thanks to our people.


Peter Salazar introducing design studio with cutting table.