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How to Measure a Box

Boxes are generally measured from the inside, with the dimensions referring to the opening of an assembled box.

Inside dimensions are used for measuring because the corrugated board thickness may vary. A box constructed of B flute will not have the same outer dimensions as a box made from E flute.

When measuring the inside of an existing box, make sure to measure from the center of the score (the crushed fold line) to another score, or to the edge of the box.

Dimensions should always be stated in the sequence of Length, Width and Depth(exceptions include bookfolds, bin boxes and dividers, where the sequence is Width, Length and Depth).

The length is always the longer dimension, and the width is always the shortest dimension, measured along the opening of the box. The depth is the distance between the opening and the opposite panel.

Outer dimensions may need to be communicated for shipping and pallet configuration purposes. When listing outer dimensions, always include "OD" with the size (e.g., 10"x22"x12" OD).