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Ink Kitchen Color Customization

We are one of the few Independent Corrugators that have the ability to blend our own ink in house. Because we blend our own ink for our products we have the ability to go from planning to production much quicker than many of our competitors. We are able to produce all GCMI and PMS colors and an infinite range of custom colors that allow us to meet the needs of our customers.

At Empire Packaging and displays we can match any color you bring us on the spot. We have an advanced spectrophotometer that we use to match your color. Once we identify the colors that are used on your project we can immediately use our automated ink machine to blend the color on site.

The ability to blend our own ink in house means we can reduce cycle times on new projects so we can start projects as soon as you are ready create your project. Because we control the ink blending process we know every part that goes into our inks, at Empire we only use the highest quality products and we can ensure the quality of all of our products.

Part of creating a high quality box or display means we know everything that is going into our products and not wasting ingredients in the process. With the ability to create our own ink we can produce only the amount of ink that is needed to run your order. That makes for a more cost effective product when producing your package or display.

With the ability to blend our own ink we never have to worry about running out in the middle of a production run. We are able to ensure the quality of everything we use and our ink kitchen is just one of many tools we use to ensure the quality of everything we produce.

We have the ability to adapt to changing conditions, orders, and other variables to ensure that our products will meet the highest quality standards.

Our expert ink specialist will ensure the quality of all inks and printing plates that are used to print onto your box or display. We continually monitor the color quality throughout the process and are able to make adjustments to our ink formulation depending on the circumstances.

We can adjust to any changes that might be made throughout the printing process. We are able to reduce color skew throughout our printing process and deliver a more consistent product.

As with everything we manufacturer we strive for the highest standards and the ink we use for our products is no exception. As with everything, the only way we can guarantee that our ink is made to the highest standard is to produce it ourselves.