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International Beverage Booth

This project was created as an in-store promotional display booth. The product is used for promotional, in-store campaigns placed at grocery stores and other retail environments. This promotional display was designed to be used in a single location for a short time before moving to another store. It had to be easy to dismantle and transported to other locations.

Our design department was tasked with creating an attractive and sturdy display. The custom beverage booth was created to act as a small bar to showcase this companies product line in multiple locations. This project was brought to us with less than a month before the promotion would begin. With a tight timeline we collaborated with many departments to create a design that met all requirements for this promotion within the time constraints.

The client was thrilled with the overall look of the display and the retailer was excited to show them in their stores. Customer reception in the marketplace was also very positive for this display, everyone involved loved the outcome of the project. The customer liked how well the project it fit their brand image and help them stand out in the marketplace. They received many compliments on it from store managers and customers in the retail environment.