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LIFDEK™ Product Spotlight

Wood pallets can be a real nuisance sometimes to logistics firms and others who ship products. Fortunately however, there is an innovative alternative to those pesky wood pallets called LIFDEK™ corrugated pallets. These corrugated pallets offer a lot in the way of saving your company valuable time and money.

LIFDEK™ pallets save you time and money right off the bat with their assembly. LIFDEK™ Pallets don’t use any glue or staples, only weigh 10 pounds, and are able to be assembled in less than a minute (less than 20 seconds for the quarter size). One may claim that having to assemble the pallets before use is inconvenient and a waste of time, but the advantage of having to assemble these pallets is the money you’ll save from the efficiency these pallets provide. A forklift can typically lift 18 wood pallets, but with LIFDEK™, a forklift can lift up to 180 unassembled LIFDEK™ pallets. This cuts down on forklift costs and increases efficiency. As one might assume from the previous statement, LIFDEK™ pallets take up less space than wood pallets which saves money on warehousing costs and shipping costs. LIFDEK™ pallets also eliminate the product damage problems that wood pallets have with their nails, broken slats, and decaying wood, because LIFDEK™ pallets are light and are shock absorbent.

LIFDEK™ pallets are also environmentally friendly and are safe. Currently, wood pallets are one of the biggest contributors of solid waste to landfills, but LIFDEK™ pallets can be repulped and recycled to make more corrugated pallets. The smaller size and efficient nature of LIFDEK™ pallets means fewer trucks are needed to carry the same number of products as compared to wood pallets. LIFDEK™ pallets not only decrease trucking costs but they also reduce pollution from fuel emissions, using almost 4 times fewer trucks to carry products. LIFDEK™ pallets are FDA approved due to their sterile nature as well as ISPM 15 exempt, and can be used for pharmaceutical or food purposes.

LIFDEK™ offers a unique way to eliminate all the problems and inefficiencies of wooden pallets and could pave the way for the future of pallets and POS displays.