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Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a method of printing that uses large printers to transfer ink from a printing plate directly to a sheet of paper. This process creates a sheet or label that the artwork is printed on which can later be affixed to the corrugated substrate. This process uses printers with large printing plates and offset printing processes to create high resolution prints. This process also has the ability to use coatings to create a different feel/texture.

This process uses custom printing plates, one for each color, which will create higher resolution prints so the artwork can be affixed to the corrugated surface. Utilizing lithographic printing allows you to create a custom and high quality look for your packaging.

Lithographic printing uses different printing processes that can be used to create a unique look and feel for your project. Lithographic labels can have a variety of different coatings applied to them including Aqueous, U.V. and Strikethrough.

  • Aqueous coatings are used to protect the ink from smearing or smudging when it is being handled.
  • U.V. can be applied to create a different appearance including a glossy, matte, strikethrough, soft touch or other finishes.
  • Strikethrough coatings create certain areas that are glossy and certain areas that will have a matte appearance on the same project.

The coatings applied to a lithographic sheet can do a lot to create a premium feel for your next project.

Lithographic labels can use foil stamps that will create a metallic look on the label as well as draw attention to the product. Labels can be embossed or de-bossed to create peaks and valleys on the surface of the corrugated material.

Empire can help you create any type of lithographic project. We have access to the best printing facilities and we can create anything you might need for your next project.

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